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Keeping Confidence High – How To Boost A Senior’s Self-Esteem

As seniors get older, many will experience a crisis of confidence and self-esteem. Whether it occurs after an injury or accident, or just happens as activities that used to be easy get more challenging, this loss of confidence can be bad for their mental, emotional, and physical health.

We have compiled a few methods that can work well to bolster the self-esteem of a loved one, resulting in a happier and healthier experience.

  1. Staying Social – Whether they volunteer at a local church or charity, get a simple job as a greeter or other retail position, get together with friends and the community for cards, Bingo, golf, or other activities, or have regular dinner plans with family and friends, seniors who stay social stay happier.
  2. Being Active – Low-impact exercise is important to overall mental and physical health. Swimming, walking, golfing, tennis, yoga – all of these activities will boost heart, mind, and body health.
  3. Making Things Easier – Performing home improvements that make a home safer will be less frustrating for someone as they age. Safety rails in bathrooms, non-slip stairs and rugs, more conveniently placed kitchen and bathroom items and better lighting throughout the home are all ways to make someone feel more confident as normal daily activities get more difficult.
  4. Remaining Clean and Healthy – Not only is it important for physical health to maintain good hygiene, but it helps with self-esteem too. Regular bathing or showers, shaving, even applying makeup and changing clothes – feeling fresh helps reset depression and anxiety. Combine that with eating healthier, and a real difference can be experienced.
  5. Getting Respect – The family that shows respect, love, and deference for their elder relatives, that isn’t embarrassed if they can’t get around quickly or have mobility or other issues, and treats them like equals, asking their input and advice as they have decades of experience, is a family that’s good for a loved one’s self-esteem. Compassion is key.

Keeping your loved one’s self esteem high requires teamwork, caring, motivation, love, and encouragement. Here at Compassionate Care, our care providers know that healthy engagement and communication make a huge difference, and they can provide assistance around the home that will keep your senior relative feeling present, important, and loved for years to come.

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