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Thirty Reasons To Consider In-Home Care

There are any number of reasons that families want to provide their parent, grandparent or loved one with in-home care services. We’ve compiled a list and as you read through it, some of them might resonate with you about an elder member of your family or a friend.

Why might someone need in-home care?

  1. Grandpa just had knee surgery and needs help until he recovers completely.
  2. Mom has been lonely and could benefit from someone spending some time with her.
  3. Uncle Peter can’t bend down to do laundry anymore.
  4. Nana needs someone to give her daily injections.
  5. Great-Aunt May mixed up her medication twice in the last month.
  6. Pop-pop’s diabetes is going to get out of control without supervision and help.
  7. Grandma needs daily rehab for her shoulder injury.
  8. Dad can’t wash himself safely anymore.
  9. Great-Uncle Ben has to stick to a specific diet that he’ll ignore on his own.
  10. Meemaw needs help with her daily errands.
  11. Aunt MJ wants to stay in her home for as long as possible.
  12. Gramps deserves the best quality of life out there.
  13. You need a few days off every week from taking care of Mom.
  14. Dad has LTC= Long-Term Care insurance – and in-home care is affordable and more convenient.
  15. Uncle Norman has been wandering off occasionally when he’s alone.
  16. Papa Curt is bedridden but wants to remain at home as long as possible.
  17. You want the kids to visit Great-Aunt Felicia at home, not in a hospital.
  18. Since the stroke, you’re worried about Mom being alone.
  19. Nobody in the family is qualified to care for Dad since his diagnosis.
  20. Great-Grandma deserves the opportunity to live out her final days at home.
  21. Nana Gwen needs constant observation and assessment but refuses to stay in the hospital.
  22. Dad needs his bandages changed and checked regularly.
  23. You know that in-home care is less stressful and life-extending.
  24. Grandpa Logan’s in-home care bill may be covered by his VA benefits.
  25. Grandma Jean doesn’t like strangers, so having continuity of care is important for her stress levels and health.
  26. You’re worried about Mom’s dog being neglected as well as Mom herself.
  27. Nana Diana often gets confused where she is and thinks she’s in the wrong place, but won’t leave her home.
  28. Dad shouldn’t be driving anymore, but he insists that he has regular errands that need to be done, including picking up his medication.
  29. You want Grandma to have her end of life care in the comfort of her own home.
  30. As Mom’s Alzheimer’s progresses, she needs more supervision than the family can give her and still live their lives.

As you can see, there are dozens and dozens of reasons that families choose in-home care for their loved ones. It decreases stress, lengthens life, improves quality of life, provides solace and comfort while retaining dignity, and allows the family to contribute while providing coverage when they can’t be there. If you have a loved one who could benefit from temporary, minor, or ongoing in-home care, contact Compassionate Care today to find out more.

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