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Top 10 Tips on How to Keep Seniors Active

As people age, their bodies become slower and less active, meaning they don’t exercise or move around as much as they used to. This can happen due to aches and pains that weren’t there before or due to a lack of friends or motivation. 

It’s important to remain active as we age and there are many safe ways to do so. Everything from a walk in the park to doing yoga on the beach, exercise can help seniors with balance, flexibility, strength, and mental health. 

Below, Compassionate Care put together 10 ways for seniors to stay engaged and active as they age. 

Volunteer to Walk Dogs 

Chances are you or your loved one know someone who owns a dog. Dogs are one of the best ways to stay active since they’re always itching for a walk. A great way to keep active is to volunteer to walk dogs. Something as simple as a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood with a dog can have great health benefits. 

Stay Active with Video Games

Video games don’t have the best reputation for keeping people active. Recent technology has changed this thinking, however. With new systems such as the Nintendo Switch or even more advanced VR systems, you can simulate physical activity without ever leaving your home. These new systems are a great way for seniors to remain active.

Strolls Through the Park

Going for a walk in the park is a great way to get exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. There are plenty of options to choose from too so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Nature trails also provide the same benefits and seniors are bound to love them. 

Keep Active with Chair Yoga

Yoga provides plenty of health benefits such as reducing arthritis pain and improving circulation throughout the body. For some seniors, trying to do full yoga can be difficult since it requires lots of movements their bodies probably can’t handle. Chair yoga allows them to perform simple stretches without having to stand or put stress on their bodies.

National Senior Games

The National Senior Games is an official member of the United States Olympic Committee. They host games and competitions and your loved ones can participate in them. There are team sports such as basketball and volleyball or individual sports like shuffleboard or tennis. 

Stay Active with Dancing

No matter what type of dancing, the movement is great for seniors. Not only will they be moving around and staying active, but it’s also a great opportunity to  make new friends out on the dance floor. 

Hit the Gym

Sign up for a gym membership and consider having a friend or family member join to help with motivation. Local senior centers also offer aerobics classes and swimming classes that help ease stress on the joints. 

Use Stairs

While it sounds simple, using stairs whenever possible is a simple way for seniors to stay active. Each step is a step towards increasing their physical health and strength. 

Park Far Away in Parking Lots

Parking far away in parking lots is a great way for seniors to get active when running errands. Making this a habit is a great way for seniors to sneak in more steps. 

Carry a Pedometer

Motivation is one of the most important things to keep us moving. A pedometer can supply that external motivation to keep counting steps. WIth friends, it can even become a friendly competition to see who can get the most steps in a day or a week. Nothing works better than a little competition. 

Compassionate Care understands the importance of seniors getting or active. It helps keep their balance, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental health. The more fit a senior stays, the more independent they’ll be.

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